Job Shop
Short-run production and prototyping, quality work, quick turnaround.
Design Services
A. If you have a sketch I can add dimensions, tolerancing, materials specification, and check for machinability.
B. If you have a more complicated process, I can help you engineer and design it.
How I Work
If you have an idea for a device, but no blueprint, I will work with you to design what you need. I have worked successfully collaborated with individuals (usually scientists or inventors) and large design teams made up of engineers, programmers, and end-users.
Graham Machining & Design is a fully equipped machine shop. I work with most plastics, including pharmaceutical-grade, steels, and aluminum alloys. A large amount of components are stocked to facilitate development and quick turnaround work. I do all the machining and welding. Qualified vendors do sheeting metal work, plating, and heat treating, etc. Also available are other technical consultants.
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